• Pioneer in development of Ketonic Resin manufacturing technology in India, a leading exporter of the same
  • R &D facility recognized since 1988 by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.
  • Set up plant for manufacture of O-3 Regeneration Compound, an import substitute, first time in India with R & D support for supply of the same to Indian Defense sector
  • Pioneer in development of technology for production of Potassium metal, Sodium Potassium Alloys and Potassium Superoxide granules. The company exports Sodium Potassium Alloys in DOT approved cylinders in USA and Europe.
  • Pioneer in development of technology for manufacture of Self Contained Self Rescuer(SCSR), an import substitute used in underground mines and other hazardous atmosphere. The company regularly manufactures the same at Vapi plant.
  • Based on R & D technology the company set up a new plant for production of whole range Potassium and Sodium based Alkoxides and now a leading exporter of the same.
  • The company is actively engaged in development of electrolyte based oral rinse, bioadhesive lipid layer formation inside mouth and synthesis of immunological peptides for treatment of Mucositis.